Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Reprogram Brains

  Ten years ago a Doctor was working with a drug to help women with hot flashes, the drug is  SGB. You will hear a lot more about it in the years to come. 14 VA Hospitals are now working with PTSD suffering personnel to test the drug. After injection in the neck, the person is almost right away feeling like a huge weight was lifted off their shoulders. An injection now lasts about 6 months.  But this is just a start. Time and money will perfect the drug. Like all the problems that take lives too early, lots work must be done, many will die waiting!

 In the program they said 20 Veterans die from PTSD every 24 hours, and I was told earlier 20 First Responders die too. Since about 60% of First Responders are Veterans, we were using 42 deaths as a mark. Early April I got an E-mail stating the number is closer to 50, varying monthly. 

  We will search for more info about SGB medicine, and let you know what is happening. Like before, the Veterans and First Responders that get help will be saved and will get better help when S G B is finally figured out and ready to be administered every day. We will still seek the Veteran and First Responders that say "I need no help, I can suck it up!" I feel forever there will be a problem sending people overseas to maintain freedom, and when they return after seeing their comrades blown apart,  returning home and see the carnage here from vehicle accidents, shootings of gunmen, and many other ways of killing. 

  Yes, I joined the Navy Reserve in November 1965, my senior year in high school.  High blood pressure kept me out. Some poor soul died in my place, or like Lance Corporal Robert Quinn who was in my school class is slowly dying now from agent orange poisoning. Yes, Robert is the first service Personnel under our wing. 
  Stop back to find about what is being done to get this drug cleared and is saving lives.
 If you hear anything about SGB, e-mail it to me at lloydsrides@gmail.com

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