Thursday, September 5, 2019

Something New!

  Yes, we will give a ride in a Hot Rod, or Motorcycle, for the 40-50 PTSD suffering Veterans & First Responders, 55% of First Responders are Veterans.  We search for the ones that say, "I need no help; I can suck it up!" They can not suck it up, and are blindsided and die to relieve the pain!

  We have started already to seek more donors so we can give PTSD suffering Veterans & First Responders laptop computers to write down the memories that gave them PTSD! Lance Corporal Robert Quinn, the first Vietnam Veteran we worked with gets the first laptop. We will make sure they have talk to type software, like Robert he has trouble typing. We will continue to talk to other groups that are fighting the same problems we are.

  There is a donate button on    We are a 501c3 Pa Registered non-profit. Help us Stop the untimely deaths. Thank you for your help.
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