Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Helping One of Our Vietnam Veterans!

Lloyd's Rides is honored to be helping one of our veterans. Robert Quinn, who served in Vietnam, is a published writer who deserves to have many more readers than he currently has.

Quinn's book "San Ernesto's Shadow" was made available online in 2011, but sales have been poor due to lack of promotion by the publisher. Lloyd's Rides founder Randy "Hoss" Caldwell met Quinn when they were both seventh graders in Manheim Township, Pennsylvania and they've been friends ever since.

Set in Texas, near the Mexican border, it is a story of an Oilman near Houston who gives his ranch back to descendants of the Mexican family who lost it in 1836. This brings the world to his door, with both praise and criticism. It makes him an instant celebrity on an international level and changes his life forever, making him the hero of millions but putting a high price on his head.

One Reader's Review of "San Ernesto's Shadow"
I quite enjoyed reading this book. The protagonist sets out to correct the misdeeds of his forefathers, but although his fans try to put him on a pedestal, he realizes he is just a flawed human being like everyone else. So his attempts to contribute to making the world a better place don't come off as "preachy" because he admits that he is no saint. The story reminded me a bit of Magnificent Obsession and White Banners by Lloyd C. Douglas, classics that I have loved for decades. 

In addition to promoting Quinn's book on our blogs, Facebook page, and at live events, we will be assisting him in getting his other works published. These include three more full length novels, two dozen short stories and hundreds of poems (called "Rough Rhymes" by Quinn).

We encourage you to read "San Ernesto's Shadow" which is available at Amazon in Kindle e-book format.

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  1. Bob suffers daily from his exposure to Agent Orange. Marcy and I have been working getting -lloydsrides,org- up and running to Stop PTSD Suicides in Veterans and First Responders for over three years. First Responders saved my life in 2002 in a bad motorcycle hit and run accident. Yes jerk never caught. HE watches over me! This is my way of honoring HIM! HE saved me, now it is my turn to save others! I am 70, crippled,memory loss from accident,BUT I NEVER,EVER QUIT!! PTSD YOUR GOING DOWN!! I am moving slow, but my mouth works great. Just ask Mary.LOL Watch for other new developments to Check back often! LLOYD is smiling, I can feel him.